Welcome to “Fork Lift Albania”

FORK – LIFT ALBANIA was founded on 18 February 2009 starting its activity as a small company , created and established for its operation, by Mr. Bashkim Madani who is specialized in the field of repair of machinery  types of forklift in Italy. Year by year, our company evolved in a bigger company.  Continuously working with new clients and partners by offering different types of forklifts , technical support after selling them , transpalets , renting forklifts , batteries , various spare parts and technical support to our clients in the Albanian market .

Products :

  •         Diesel forklifts
  •         Forklifts gas ( GPL )
  •         Electric Forklifts
  •         Battery tracions
  •         Electric transpalets
  •         Manual transpalets
  •         Forklifts for rent
  •         Various spare parts of the European Committee standards

Services :

Since the inception of the original purpose of Our company,  we are providing repair service to customers forklifts in the Tirana area . With time looking at the needs of the market and the companies always and more specialized tools such as forklifts we deliver also selling and renting their award and our service delivery throughout Albania and Kosovo . The sale of our products coupled with technical support and guarantee them by type of product or service . Because forks are irreplaceable technical tools for companies that have goods to move in multiple warehouses and material that we strive to offer service in a record time not hindered in their work and competitive prices. In providing services company has available to all moving vehicles as 3 vehicles a car and two vans equipped with mobile workshops and a raising machine forks for transporting if defect can not be repaired at the customer premises.